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Spanking and CP parties are quite simply parties where people interested in the spanking and CP lifestyle meet up and play. The ones that Miss Cavendish host are specifically targeted towards people who enjoy traditional discipline, role play that is along the lines of naughty adult schoolboy or schoolgirl, naughty niece or nephew, as well as harsher judicial punishments and impact toys.

Every first Tuesday of the month beginning April 5th 2016 Miss Rose Cavendish will be hosting spanking and CP parties in Kent.

The location in which the parties will be held is a little over half an hour away from London and is easily accessible by rail and road. It is a discreet residence with ample parking, and no one will hear the whoosh of the cane or the zing of the hairbrush as you receive a spanking.

The parties will be themed, and you can find more FAQs on this page as they are asked.

It is also important to take a look at this page for details of the party dates. As a guide they will start off on the first Tuesday of every month, and depending on popularity this will rise accordingly.

We will aim to keep the first couple of parties in the daytime to accommodate for those amongst you that can only get away during the day. So it fits in nicely with your work day and you can then take the morning or afternoon off as appropriate and no one will be the wiser.

If there are several parties on one day and you wish to attend two or more then there are discounts. Simply ask when you make your booking.

There are two tiers of attendance for the party:

  1. Private parties – £200 attendance fee. Numbers are capped at fifteen (15) to ensure a more intimate experience for you. Our focus is to get as many females in as possible, so you can rest assured that your bottom will get a seeing to.
  2. Public play party – £150 attendance fee. A must-attend for lovers of public spanking and performing for an audience. Bear in mind that these parties will have higher numbers of attendees and even though this will be spread out over two play spaces there is still the likelihood it will be busier.

All parties are strictly by prior booking and your invite will be checked before you are permitted entrance. Failure to prove you have a valid confirmation for that party will result in your dismissal.

We want to keep this enjoyable and a divine unique experience for both the Disciplinarian females as well as the attendees.

Look forward to making your acquaintance…