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Traditional Punishment

There is something refreshing about traditional punishment.

Something refreshingly simple and innocent. In its simplicity lies a clarity: that certain behaviours are met by certain consequences. Swift and sure, with little room for negotiation.

We are constantly searching for more things that will bring us back to a simpler time in life. A time when rules were both feared and respected, where a simple raised eyebrow was the only portent of your inevitable trip over the knee. You knew your place, you even grew to crave the swift correction, the corner time, and the protracted scolding over why you deserved every single moment of your chastisement.

Ah, they were but simple times…

The good old days…

We are bringing those back. In a way you could only have ever dreamed before now!

We aim to tailor parties as much as possible to your needs, so if there is something you would love to see in our events then simply let us know.

But for now you can certainly expect:

  • cornertime
  • standing with your hands on your head
  • writing lines
  • wearing the ‘dunce’ cap if particularly tedious behaviour displayed
  • good old fashioned bare bottom over the knee spanking
  • and many more…

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