I am just preparing to go to sleep and off to Yorkshire tomorrow to work with the wonderful Institute of Discipline!

One last thing before I head to bed is to post my new additions to my tour schedule for 2014. I’m playing it very safe this year as I am filming loads for all my projects so the working from home aspect is really picked up. Will do a separate piece on that, as well as a bit about my first spanking model for a shoot this March. (*I have 2, oooh lucky me!!!* 2 hot botties in one month woowoo)

Anyway, more’s to the point.

I have got my dates sorted till July now.

The plan is to leave off international travel till September when I will fall off the face of the earth for a month and just be a hermit.  Hopefully by then I have the new filming gear so you will probably get to see some Asian bot bots on my line-up, as well as some lovely fair European ones. African ones? mmmm, keeping fingers crossed there.

But the first half of the year at least is all about the UK.

So here goes:


April 14 and 15 – Birmingham
May 12 and 13 – Cardiff

May 29 and 30 – Glasgow
June 11 and 12 – Manchester
June 25 and 26 – Birmingham
July 8 and 9 – Newcastle


I cannot stress this enough. I travel for a multitude of reasons so if you don’t pre-book and prepay you will not see me. Simple as. No negotiations. I will not tolerate a lack of organisation on your part, especially as I am keen to get out there and meet like-minded people who enjoy what I enjoy. And waiting around wishing cold feet would warm up is not my style.

My tour rates:

£150 an hour spanking, CP, role play, traditional discipline

£100 an hour strict judicial caning. I will be travelling with the harshest of harsh toys. And am lusting after loads of stuff on this wishlist that will leave a tear in your eye and a spring in your step. So if you feel you are up to the challenge then pick up one of these babies and pit your will against them ahahaha! No warm-up, I just go cold until you scream mercy!

There are of course discounts for longer bookings, or if you would like to accommodate me and/or take me out for dinner there is a reduced rate for this as well.

The added advantage of booking in advance is you get to ask me to carry special uniforms or outfits that you know I have. No turning up and being disappointed for you!

Look forward to meeting you!

Email me on rosecavendish@outlook.com to book your session today.

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