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As you will be aware I do on occasion offer private sessions or ‘further education’ in the form of strict Detentions and Disciplinarian role play sessions.

Bear in mind that these are purely role play sessions and I entertain only those individuals who have demonstrated an ability to play in a safe, sane and consensual fashion. I will always determine the level at which I feel you can handle my style of discipline. Bear in mind that what you consider to be hardcore might simply be a wrist warming exercise for me. I have been known to bring grown men to tears with just my hand.

That said though I will be available for private sessions on specific dates. These will be announced predominantly to those who sign up for my newsletter on this page.

Sessions offered on this date will incur a ‘tuition fee’ of £150 per hour payable in advance with no exceptions. Should you wish to see me outside of these times then you can expect to pay £500 per hour for the same session.


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