I am breathing a temporary sigh of relief after a very hectic time with the failed external hard drive and subsequent nightmare time spent trying to figure out my new video editing suite. I am still – unsurprisingly – scowling as I think to myself that if something worked why would they change it? Cost me an unbelievable amount of time – not to mention money – and I am now very much out of love with the infallible Apple… Maybe it was better during Jobs’ time after all…


Anyway, so mini moan over, I spent all of last week recovering from the week’s worth of editing I had lost and redoing it. Oh joy…

And as a sorry from me to you I made sure to get Isabel Dean’s story out to you as a double bubble treat! So now you will see not only

Dizzy Izzy 7 (A spanking in the daytime means a spanking at night)

Preview here20140409 spanking Dizzy Izzy

but also

Dizzy Izz 8 – Detention

Preview here

20140409 Dizzy Izzy 8

But that’s not all. While I was trying to get my head around the footage I also came across this top class behind the scenes footage

Genuine spanking reactions – behind the scenes with Isabel Dean

Preview here


Oh, and of course I got to meet and work with Sarah Gregory. But that is a story for another post. All in all the week rescued itself wouldn’t you think?

Anyway, have a superb Monday and a good start to your week!

Miss Rose Cavendish

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