Slowly but surely the year is beginning to take shape.

I am working on getting my session dates and travel sorted. The year has got off to a very slow start strangely but I am picking myself up and moving on.

I will be in Mexborough on Friday 7th March for sessions.

Are you based in Yorkshire or will you be there this Friday?

If so then make an appointment to meet me for a session.

I am sure you will find that you will find yourself feeling thoroughly controlled and called to task for your naughty ways. Whether you just want to test your bottom against my hand, or you know you have been bad and need to be taught the toughest lesson (on a sore bottom), I am sure you will find I am a most thorough Disciplinarian.

Contact me on and book your trip over my knee today!


Follow this blog for further tour dates announcements as well as details of upcoming shoots and video releases. Places I intend to visit this year in the UK:







Dates will be announced later.

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