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Miss Rose Cavendish is currently looking for female spanking models to star in her domestic video clips.

Are you a female aged between 18 to 35 with youthful or girl-next-door features?

Do you have no tattoos? Or tattoos that can be easily covered?

Are you curvy, with a nice ample bottom?

Then I definitely want to hear from you! This is your chance to make money while doing the things you love!

It’s also a huge plus if you enjoy being spanked. Spankings range from very light with role-play to harder spankings and caning depending on your personal limits. We will always discuss this with you prior to confirming a shoot with you.


1. Where will shoots take place?

The shoots will take place in my North Kent residence. It is easily accessible from the South East coast and London by car or by public transport.

2. Who will be present for the shoot?

It is normally Miss Rose Cavendish and a cameraman. Sometimes there will be group shoots with other females. But all this will be addressed prior to confirming a date so people with similar preferences are booked in on the same day.

3. What can I expect on the day?

The day starts with an introduction and getting to meet myself and the videographer.

Cups of tea and biscuits optional.

Then filming will start straightaway. Prior to the day of course I will have sent you the script and scenes to be filmed. I expect you to read this and we will discuss it by Skype chat before the shoot day itself.

Some of the things you can expect on a shoot are:

– caning

– corner time

– hairbrush or plimsoll

– OTK spanking

– role play

– scolding

– strict aunty/naughty female scenes


4. Do I need to bring anything with me?

I will let you know what costumes you need to bring along. It’s normally everyday type clothing so you probably have it in your wardrobe already.

5. How long will a shoot last?

Shoots are about 6 to 8 hours in length. Depending on your acting ability we might be able to get scenes done faster. But 6 to 8 hours is recommended for a more leisurely flow to the day. You will be fed and watered too don’t worry.

6. Will there be lines to remember?

Only a few.

There will be specific phrases, a poem, as well as parts of a scene that require your expression or tone to sound a particular way, but on the whole it helps if you can absorb yourself into your character as you can then improvise on how she will react.

Even with the more structured shoots we have a general storyboard, and characters improvise as we go along. There are plenty of opportunities for stopping in between as scenes are relatively short and will be pieced together in editing.

7. I am interested in receiving a good spanking on camera, but I am nervous. Can I bring a friend along to give me moral support?

We welcome chaperones yes. The shoot takes place in a house, so there are always spare rooms that are not being used during a scene. But once filming commences we expect anyone not on camera to be as quiet as possible. That includes mobile phones, tweeting, taking pictures of the scene etc.

8. Can I use a safe word during filming?

Yes of course you can. You can either use a safeword that we agree on prior to filming, or simply yell ‘Cut’ if you have forgotten it. Either one is fine. We will always work within your comfort zones.

9. Where will videos be released to?

I have a Clips4Sale store of the same name. All videos will be posted on there.

Additionally promotional imagery, as well as video content, will be distributed to paysites across the internet. If you are uncomfortable with this then this is not the option for you.

10. Is there sex involved?

There is never any sex involved, and any nudity is incidental to you receiving the caning or spanking. You will never be expected to take part in any sexual act during shoots. In between sets you will be provided a robe to keep you covered if you require one.

11. That sounds great! What do I need to do now?

Send me an email on Subject: Spanking Model Application

Please include your name, your age, as well as a phone number I can reach you on if necessary.

Also provide me with a clear picture of your face, a full body shot, and a bum shot (if clothed then in tight clothing so I can tell what your shape is)