May is going to be a wonderfully busy month for me. I am excited but as always a bit anxious about how I will feel halfway through it all. It is going to be seriously manic, and at the same time I am going to be working hard on finishing off Dizzy Izzy so you will not miss the chance to see the fascinating story of this naughty young lady. But I will have a fab time I know, and surprisingly I will be wondering at the end of the month why I feel so tired (story of life moment) even after doing so much ahahaha!

Anyway, this is meant to be a very quick note to let you know where I will be travelling to in the UK this month:

12 and 13 May – Cardiff

17 and 18 May – High Wycombe

29 and 30 – Glasgow

I will be packing these items but can easily carry some other items should you require me to:

– Punishment book

– Plimsoll

– Mason and Pearson hairbrush

– Selection of canes (Koboo, birch, dragon, Singapore dragon)

– Daddy’s double trouble strap from The London Tanners

– Glasgow tawse from The London Tanners

– Singapore stinger paddle


Email me on to make your booking. Look forward to meeting you

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