This is a very difficult week for me emotionally.

Let me explain.

I am the proud owner of an iMac computer. Great for working as I do; multitasking and all that. And greater still for handy security and product updates as complimentary.

Which is all well and good. Until recently.

A few weeks ago I got a reminder to install a few product updates. I was busy and so I just postponed them several times as I was filming and editing and couldn’t give the time of day to look at what they were all about. And I kept putting them off till last week when I decided I would finally just update my comp. One of the updates was the new OS Mavericks – which I thought would be a fabulous thing right? A brand new and faster system. What could be better?



Post-update the computer was brilliant!

But then I went into my movie editing software to export the next part of the Isabel Dean saga.

And the editing suite had been updated too! I couldn’t make head or tail of it. After spending a few fruitless moments trying to jiggle round with stuff I decided to do as it recommended and fix my hard drive with my footage from 2013 and 2014.

Wrong move!

My files broke.

I immediately hit panic mode! Which in retrospect was the wrong thing to do.

I jiggled some more.

No change.

Panic hit!

So I did what I thought was the most logical thing at the time… I took my spare new external hard drive with the intention of moving all the footage along to it. I wanted to format this for mac so my editing software would pick it up. After all that’s what the forums were saying was wrong. My old one was formatted for windows and mac. Click click click. Right, gotta set it for mac. Erase hard drive, rename… Click.



Do you know how they say a catastrophe always seems to freeze time?

I watched, powerless, as I realised that I had just clicked to erase the hard drive with ALL MY FOOTAGE ON IT!

My heart sank.

A year’s footage melted away in front of my eyes…. And worse still I had no one to blame but myself for it.

I cried.

I screamed.

I looked angrily at the computer and a few choice words most likely escaped my mouth.

I stared into space for what seemed an eternity.

But the deed was done.


There is a bright side to this though.

The footage that I lost was all my raw and unedited footage. The footage I edited is safe on another hard drive. Some of the footage on that hard drive is from work I have done with other people. It will probably take me another year, but I can get well over 60% of it back. A trip to my local Currys revealed if I really really want all my footage back it will probably cost me £700. Lab charges that much, forensics style masters of tech. But frankly just far too expensive for me.

So, dear reader, why did I write this blurb?

Well, if you have been waiting for this week’s update on my Clips4Sale store then I must apologise. I have been having a very profound meltdown.

But today I picked myself back up out of the dirt and just decided to do what I do best – just get on with it! And so I will be editing the footage all over again. But of course I will make sure that I edit part 4 and 5 first before anything else has the chance to go wrong. So you will have part 4 of Dizzy Izzy in the store tomorrow.

Have a good night 🙂

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