It never ceases to amaze me just how quickly time flies.

One moment it is the beginning of the year and before you know it an age has passed and you are staring at your Christmas pudding in amazement! Where does the time go?

Firstly I do apologise most sincerely at my virtual world silence. I have been experiencing much wonderful change in my personal life. I have moved across the country to Scotland – it was initially only a temporary move to ‘see how it goes’ – and now I find myself in love with the country and the delightful slower pace of life.

But that was last year, and I have not had the chance to have my website changed to reflect this change. The parties had to be put on hold sadly. Previous attendees were informed, and many warm memories relived during my quiet times alone in Scotland.

But now I have decided I will be holding my first tour back to England.

Mind, there is only one this year unless things change. Some of you missed me when I was in Birmingham last month sadly. So your only opportunity to catch  up with me while I am in England will be the 21st and the 22nd of June 2018.

I am travelling for other business and have freed up these 2 days specifically for spankees.

Because I am travelling with family, as well as being on a very tight schedule I am only seeing people strictly by appointment.

All appointments must be prepaid. If I cancel for any reason then I will refund you in full. If you cancel… oh well… I think you know the answer to that.

Don’t miss your chance to meet me. I like to be prepared so I can deliver the best possible experience for you. So be prepared for an experience you will not soon forget!

My sessions remain £150 per hour.

As of today I have availability at these times:


8am – 10am – Booked

1030 – 1130 – Booked

1pm to 230 – Booked

4pm to 5pm – Booked

5pm to 6pm – Booked


8am to 11am

2pm to 6pm

See you in London

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