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How to Make Your Payment for the Spanking Parties

You can make a payment for a single party at a time.

Otherwise you might want to sign up to our annual membership which gives you a great discount. Learn more on this page.

All payments for the spanking parties, custom videos, or private sessions must be made by bank transfer or direct bank deposit prior to the session.

All payments are non-refundable.

When you make a payment into the bank account use a reference number unique to you and advise Miss Cavendish what this is.

Kindly contact Miss Cavendish on for details of the bank account to pay into.

Changes to time slots and/or dates will be approved only if made forty-eight (48) hours or more before the appointed session time. They will also depend, especially in the case of private sessions, on Miss Cavendish’s availability. You may only change your appointed session time once so choose wisely.

The Best Lessons are learned on a Well Spanked Bottom!