Hope your week has been good. I know mine has been.

I am just about getting used to the slower pace of life, but for now I am also beginning to get into a nice little routine. Oh, and I finally allowed myself a lazy weekday day… (ooh naughty Auntie loool)

Did you enjoy the Detention story in the Isabel Dean saga? I am gearing up for Jessica Jensen’s story now so I am editing away nicely, fond memories stirring as I do. I am aching to give you spoilers but I won’t (unless you beg me really nicely…)

Don’t forget you can always email me on rosecavendish@outlook.com with suggestions on what you would like to see more of; or less for my future storylines. Scripts are also very much welcome so do not feel shy about sending those along at all…

Anyway, have a wonderful weekend!

Happy spankings to you!

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