So I have had this site up and running for several months now and never quite got around to actually writing a post.

Life has a habit of taking over but that is no excuse I know. Just simply that I need to develop a ‘blogging habit’ as my affiliate marketing classes would say.

I love spanking naughty young bottoms.

After working on “For Naughty Girls Like Me” I was pretty excited about doing a whole bunch more spanking type stuff. As you might know I do have another life in the fetish world, and as most things in life do, I was referred on to spanking thanks to my acting whilst working with The Montrose Academy. I have always loved acting and role play in general, and finally having the opportunity to do so in something that came naturally was more than my mind knew how to deal with in all honesty.


I will tell the story of where I am coming from and where I am heading with this site and subsequent videos that I will be filming etc in another blog post but for today I just want to introduce myself to you.

My name is Rose Cavendish.

As you have probably gleaned I have worked with The Montrose Academy. In fact I am the Deputy Headmistress. Since working with them I was inspired to start up my Clips4Sale store just to see how it was received. I love to create, and I cannot stop creating no matter what. When I started out the store it was female/male spanking and it then moved on to female/female spanking. When I was thinking of filming the strict auntie sets this was following several years of filming custom content under another hat. I would get the odd custom request for spanking content, and I would do this quite happily because I felt that it challenged me in a different way. After all with spanking there is substantially more dialogue involved. There is more of a mood as well as a build-up to the inevitable trip over the knee, and having spent many years in Roman Catholic boarding schools myself being ‘interrogated’ for one misdemeanour or another was something that I was only too painfully aware of! A lot of my ability to do this as the Disciplinarian comes from those early days on the wrong end of the knee.

It was only in 2013 though that I decided to put a spanking video out there for the whole world to enjoy. And I was floored by how well it was received. A lot of people helped me to realise this dream to create a good movie that people would enjoy because it echoed with their fantasies. The custom shoots were definitely the first part of it, but another major part (which I am sure producers can identify with) was finding the right ‘model’ to fit the role. Spanking as a whole is also a very new realm for me. My experience of spanking growing up was completely different to what I explore within these clips, and I think that is a large part of what makes my take on it different. My experience of correction was brutal, with the focus being that the child would never repeat the punishable act again. But beneath all that I was always painfully aware just how much my parents cared. Otherwise they would not feel it necessary to correct my errors.

But I vowed pretty early on that I did not enjoy the spankee role anywhere near as much as being the one correcting  or ‘teaching’ the spankee. Years spent in the Psychologies and helping professions only made my desire to set people on the straight and narrow stronger. Couple that with my fascination with the good ole black and white movies, and the heyday of the 50s (which in all honesty is still in a large way how things are done where I am from) and strict societal roles, and I was pretty much doomed to fly the flag of conformity one stinging behind after another!

I love what I do.

And I love getting into people’s minds.

I have the ability to compartmentalise. I know that not everyone does, but I do and that makes my life so much better because I can easily slide from a conversation with a spankee who cannot understand her deep-seated anxieties and yearning for being taken firmly in hand and led down the right path; to exploring why a disgruntled Disciplinarian is struggling with a youngster who has become moody and isolative. Growing up in a sheltered family environment equipped me with the skills to block out extraneous distraction, and making my own path in a busy Western world has given me clarity of focus when taking into account the influences that might seek to shape the growing mind.

Either way, a lot of realism and a lot of ‘me’ go into the work I produce.

I am complex. So are the people I work with.

No two films I produce are ever the same, even if they deal with the same subject matter. Because the chemistries and relationships that exist between the players changes depending on our individual relationships as well as the many factors at play in our lives at any given time. I play on these and extract and insert them into the storyline as we go. I feel you get more of the ‘real person’ in there as a result.



I waffle….

Watch one of the movies today and let me know what you think.

Pleasure to meet you.

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