I know I have been blogging a fair bit about my spanking videos and clips but of course this has been because I have been busy filming them.

I just wanted to let you know as well that the house you see depicted in my videos is in fact my domestic residence. This is where I take my domestic sessions if you wish to see me privately. You can also have the opportunity to be walked up those very same stairs that the naughty young ladies have done time and time again. You too can also take that inevitable trip over Auntie’s knee to have your seat warmed in the bedroom, in the living room, or indeed even in the garden when you have been caught misbehaving. You can also take a Detention in Auntie’s classroom, taking lessons and/or quizzes, writing lines, writing letters of apology for bad behaviour you have allowed yourself to indulge in.

I am stocking up regularly on spanking and caning equipment and I now have:

Mason and Pearson hairbrush

– Leather round grandmother’s paddle

– Wooden round paddle

– Growing range of canes including Dragon canes, Singapore canes, birch canes

Glasgow tawse from The London Tanners

Daddie’s Double Trouble strap from The London Tanners

– Plimsolls

– Bedroom slippers


There are different options you can explore in a Domestic session.

1. You can attend for a 121 session with myself.

2. You can attend to watch me discipline a naughty young lady/ladies.

3. You can attend to be disciplined alongside a naughty young lady/ladies.

4. You can commission a photoshoot and film it or sit behind the scenes while it is filmed.


I do have very specific booking conditions that I require to be satisfied for all first time bookings for Domestic sessions and these are non-negotiable:

1. I require 2hrs minimum booking for your first Domestic booking with me. This can be changed to an hour should you require for subsequent bookings, but for the first booking I feel it is important that I get a sense of your specific session preferences and desires and we allow enough time to get to know each other and play around with ideas as the session progresses.

2. My session fee is to be paid in advance. No exceptions. My rates are £150 an hour. I do not enjoy my time being wasted, and I am sure you do not either.

3. Please be as communicative as possible, but please please please! do not send me a voluminous script to wade through as an introductory email. Imagine that I only have 2 minutes to look through your email. What is the message you want me to pick up from you in that 2 minutes. Keep it brief. We will have more time for you to elaborate when we meet. Besides I am a visual learner, so most scripts only come to life when I have played around with them a few times.

Make your bookings soon, my diary does get filled up quite quickly.

Email me on rosecavendish@outlook.com

See you soon.


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