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Is this you:
– you feel you have been very naughty and need your behaviour to be corrected?
– you have done something bad or hurt someone you care about and feel the only way to feel better about it is to be firmly taken over the knee and spanked?
– you are curious about receiving a spanking or caning but you do not want to visit a Dungeon to do so.
– you enjoy being spanked and are looking for a caring non-judgmental strict woman to set you straight?
– Your particular kink interests do not necessarily need the acoutrements found in the average Dungeon.
– Maybe you live in Kent – and like me – are fed up of making the long trek to London to get your freak on. Never mind the fact that I am international but very local to you. And just as acerbic whilst in Kent as I am whilst travelling across Europe.
– You might even just really enjoy the domestic setting and the realism that this offers. My house is a cosy family home that is an inviting escape from the worries of the world.
I offer Domestic sessions on the dates listed on this page to true submissives or CP and spanking enthusiasts with true interests in these areas:
1. Corporal Punishment – I am Deputy Head of the Montrose Academy and my sharp tongue and disciplinarian ways are on tap at all times in my life.
2. Spanking – OTK, standing, role play etc
3. Traditional punishment of all forms.
Contact me on to book your session. All sessions on the dates listed are £150 per hour. Outside of the dates I am available my tribute is £500 per hour.
My home is approximately
– 60 mins drive from Central London.
– 60 mins drive from Gatwick airport
– 90 mins drive from Heathrow airport
– 20 mins from Maidstone
– and 30 mins from Canterbury
Conditions of Booking these sessions
– All payments for initial sessions are made in full and in advance. No exceptions. This weeds out the timewasters and oohmdahuhms straight out the gate. I only want to focus my energies on like-minded people.
– My sessions on dates I list are £150 per hour. If you wish to see me outside of these dates then the costs rise to £500 per hour. This is due to my other commitments that mean I am not always available at short notice. I will work around your location and availability but the cost rises as a result.
– I reserve the right at all times to refuse to session with you. Possible reasons; you’re an uncontrollable horndog with no respect for me, you are creepy, you’re trying to haggle even this great offer, our personalities clash…
– You must allow enough notice to ensure I can accommodate our sessions outside of my specified dates of availability. I do have a ‘vanilla’ life, and seeking to irritate me so that I am more angry with you for a more authentic  discipline will only result in me refusing to see you. You can save the naughtiness till we actually meet thank you very much.
The benefits of these domestic sessions
– You can book a session slot anytime from 10am all the way through to 9pm. This can suit you if you have to work strict week day patterns.
– The sessions are very cost effective and in a very real home setting.
– There is free parking outside my house at all times. No extra charge.
– My neighbourhood is quiet and friendly. But you can still slip in and out without the curtain twitchers raising a fuss.
– You get the real me at home. Up close and very personal. And very stern.
My home is kink-friendly, and you are free to be yourself with no judgment or expectation. I am understanding and caring. But very firm and heavy-handed should you require a more strict approach. So whether it is for a light session or a more intense one, I am available and awaiting your correspondence.