Tomorrow is another delicious day of putting the world to rights.

And this time it is Amber West who must be called to task for all her naughty ways…

Amber will be playing a headstrong young lawyer who seems to have a warped view that the world belongs at her feet and dear Auntie Rose should step in line along with all the other minions!

This doesn’t sit well with Auntie and for the first time you will get to see Auntie losing her temper in the worst way possible.

In a completely uncharacteristic fashion Auntie spanks this spoilt little brat – all before she even has the chance to sit her through the house rules!

This is a shoot I am definitely super excited about filming, and I can hardly contain my excitement at the thought of having Amber’s legs kicking as smack after smack remind her that:

The best lessons are learnt on a





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