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Miss Rose Cavendish is a lifestyle Disciplinarian and strict woman based in North Kent in England. She is also the Deputy Headmistress of the renowned Montrose Academy. She extends her firm approach to her personal life. Now you will get the chance to experience first-hand your Deputy Headmistress at home!

miss ava black holding a riding crop

She enjoys the following in her professional encounters:

– using the strap to tan naughty behinds

– taking a firm hand to naughty girls and boys

– teaching tough lessons (on the behind)

– caning as corrective therapy

– giving a good mouthsoaping to foul-mouthed males and females

– using her Mason and Pearson hairbrush and plimsoll on naughty behinds

– sending naughty males and females to the naughty corner

– training errant husbands and/or wives through use of any or all of the above.


Tools in her arsenal:

Mason and Pearson hairbrush

– Leather round grandmother’s paddle

– Wooden round paddle

– Growing range of canes including Dragon canes, Singapore canes, birch canes

Glasgow tawse from The London Tanners

Daddie’s Double Trouble strap from The London Tanners

– Plimsolls

– Bedroom slippers

Miss Cavendish specialises in domestic discipline therapy. She believes that in the case of impact therapy a formal setting does not deliver the adequate reinforcement. Rather, when therapy is administered in a domestic setting the pupil is more likely to obtain visual cues that they can then continue to use in their everyday lives after therapy.

So, if you have been naughty and you know that your behaviour demands correction then you should report most promptly to Miss Rose Cavendish.

Email rosecavendish@outlook.com to take a trip over her knee today!