Happy New Year and I trust your year is off to a good start.

I have been quiet.

In a nutshell this is because I am very upset and frustrated by a recent turn of certain events in the UK. I felt I was priviledged enough to live in a tolerant and diverse society. Guess I was wrong.


Just to let you know for those of you who should wish to see me for Disciplinarian appointments I am available as follows:

London: The first Monday of every month

North Kent domestic residence: Monday through Saturday

April: Thailand 17th to 24th

Dubai 24th to 29th

June: Zurich 22nd to 26th

July: Antwerp 13th to 17th

September: Majorca 21st to 25th

October: Zurich 12th to 16th

November: Dubai 20th to 25th

Unless otherwise stated my tribute is £150 an hour. Please note this is strictly for my Disciplinarian and traditional spanking and caning sessions. I have a very heavy hand naturally so if you feel you are up to a challenge then you will find me a most thrilling experience. I am also keen at role play as you will have seen from my many videos online.

If your session requirements call for things other than my traditional outfit then I will consider it as a Domination session and change the tribute accordingly. Email me on rosecavendish@outlook.com if in doubt.

Look forward to meeting you in 2015.

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